I don’t wanna eat animals anymore – book review

I used to own a Vegan shop and remember the day a 12 year old came into the shop on her own, she wanted to find out about how to be Vegan as her mother thought it would be too hard. 

I helped her as best I could and told her about some easy changes she could make, switch out the milk, spread and cheese. 

My heart broke and it was one of the first times I realised I wanted to do something to help Vegan Kids. 

Here I had this young girl, who didn’t want to eat animals but also didn’t have the help and support of her parents, and I don’t blame the parents either, there has been years of stigma and discrimination agaisnt people who don’t want to eat meat, that somehow we are the weirdos. 

This is the message in Ruth Greenwood’s book, “I don’t wanna eat animals anymore”. The story of a girl who after discovering what was in her sausage, decides she doesn’t want to eat animals, and the challenges she faces along the way. 

In a world when even as adults, we struggle to “fit in” with a lot of our peers, I can only imagine how much harder that is for kids, When I was at school, you could get bullied for wearing glasses, let alone, standing up for something that is highly unpopular in society that makes people question their morality and ultimately puts you at odds with them. 

When looking for vegan books for Vegan kids, there are quite a few in the younger age range but very few for the older kids, This book is an easy reader for most competent readers 8+. It’s a story of challenge and how to overcome it, and even might inspire a little vegan activism. 

You can download this book as an ebook for free here

Or you can buy the book here

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