When we asked people why they wanted a community like ours – these quotes where their answers. I knew I wasn’t alone! 

As a Vegan parent, I felt my kids were somehow missing out on things and it just wasn’t fair. 

I wanted them to feel empowered and to know they are part of something much bigger and then the idea for the Vegan Kids festival began. 

After a farmer and villagers put a stop to our first year, it really sent me back to the drawing board. I still wanted to create this community but finding willing farmers and suitable venues was a nightmare. AND well then COVID hit. so that really put a stop to all our plans. 

I put the idea on the back burner, and focused on other things. but soon my calling was getting louder in my ear and I started offering online kids sessions every Saturday. 

I realised the Kids festival doesn’t need to be the only thing we do to connect Vegan kids. There are lots of ways we can. 

So I went back to the drawing board and started the Kids community on Facebook, then I got one of my favourite things a notepad and started jotting down ideas. 

They just kept coming. 

I want to create a group where Vegan Kids can explore, share, create, learn, make friends and most importantly have fun. 

I’m well aware I can’t do this all alone and hope to form many partnerships, to enable us to help other vegan organisations and businesses. 

As for the future, this is something I want to focus on, longer term the BIG dream is to have a Vegan kids retreat, where kids can come to learn and play, enough land to hold our own vegan kids festival, rescue any animals that need it and a cool eco village where people can stay, volunteer and play. 

Until we get there, we want to create lots of experiences for vegan kids, both online and in person, We’re only limited by our imagination. 

Some of the ideas I have for the future include, retreats, family holidays, group outings, conservation holidays, residentials for kids, activist club. 

Thank you for reading a bit more about vegan kids and our plans for the future, I hope to see you at some point on the journey!