Most frequent questions and answers

Vegan Kids is for ALL ages, we want our events to be accessible for all, regardless of their age. So we encourage the youngest Vegans and oldest to get involved. 

We hope that we can all learn from each other, and we always try to get everyone who wants to be involved doing something. 

Some of our activities may have a specific age and we do this for health and safety when we need to have a specific age listed. 

No, We welcome vegan curious and transitioning Vegan Children to come along to our events. Anyone is welcome to attend our events.

Yes, we encourage open conversation, and while we don’t always specifically mention the fact we are vegans, that is part of what is special about the group knowing we all have a common cause. 

It’s normally not long before one of the Children mention the V word. 

Absolutely not, our membership option is one of many ways to get involved.