You can support our work in many ways and we are very grateful to all our supporters. On this page you can find out more about how to support our work. 


Become a supported by donating an amount once or monthly/annually. 

Our supporters help us to grow, and support our mission of making the vegan kids community accessible to all.

100% of the money we receive through our supporter funds is put back into supporting the work we do. 

This could be through offering bursaries, making our events more affordable and supporting other work to help vegan Children. A full breakdown of how we spend money collected through donorbox will be produced each year. 

Others ways you as an individual can support us. 


We often need volunteers to help at our live events or with the day to day running, if you have a skill you can offer us or would like to be kept in touch of specific volunteer opportunities please complete our I want to help form. 

Run a workshop or event:

We are always looking for workshop or event co-ordinators to run events both online and in person. If you have an idea for a workshop that you think will be suitable please complete our I want to help form.

Write a column for our magazine or a blog article. 

We are always on the lookout for materials and resources and information that will help vegan kids. If you have something you think would be great for our audience please get in touch using the I want to help form. 

If there is something you think you can offer us that we haven’t thought of please get in touch using our I want to help form. 



We love to give our members discounts if you would like to offer your product or services to our members for a discount. Please get in touch to discuss on the We want to help form. 


Want to share some important information with our members, something useful or interesting or perhaps you have some activities, printables, or resources you think might help. If so then please get in touch using our We want to help form. 


Perhaps you can offer us a tour of your vegan food factory or a visit around a sanctuary. Or you can facilitate a workshop that you think our members would love – please get in touch on our we want to help form. 


We are always grateful to receive samples, products for review or products we can use as part of a giveaway. If your company is feeling in the mood of giving then we are in the receiving mood and would love to find out more about your product so please complete our we want to help form.